How to get Stone Brick

Stuck on the quest that demands you to collect Stone Brick in order to build Reinforced Walls for your Castle? You’ve come to the right spot since this tutorial will teach you all you need to know about getting Stone Bricks, making a Grinder, and finding and farming Whetstones in V Rising.

How to get Stone Brick – Stone Brick is a necessary resource in V Rising for progressing the questline and transforming your castle from a wooden fort into a genuine fortress. Certain Wallpapers and other cosmetic embellishments for your castle will also require Stone Brick.

How to Get Stone Brick ?

A Grinder is the greatest technique to obtain Stone Brick. This item may be made using eight Planks, four Copper Ingots, and four Whetstones. A Sawmill can be used to make planks, while a Furnace can be used to melt copper ore into ingots. These devices require some effort to construct, so don’t expect to have immediate access to a Grinder.

Whetstones are likely the most difficult recipe item to obtain because you must collect them from defeated adversaries. The Bandit Armory is a great area to collect Whetstones because they spawn in chests and other destructible things. Enemies will also drop them, so make sure to take their stuff.

Bandits in these raidable places are level 20 and up, so make sure you’re well-armed and well-protected before attacking. Remember that the Grinder is intended to be unlocked after a few hours of gaming, so don’t try to rush it.

Once you have a Grinder, you can grind 12 stones to make one Stone Brick. You’ll need a lot of Stone Brick to build a fully secured castle, so gather as much as you can to avoid a lengthy grind. However, after you have a roof over your head and a lovely stone floor, you may relax and enjoy the benefits of your effort.

The Grinder also generates Stone Dust, which can be used in the furnace to make Whetstones. Having numerous Grinders isn’t a bad idea because it can considerably enhance your Stone Brick output, but don’t forget about Stone Dust.

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